Study Guide

Speak Chapter 89

By Laurie Halse Anderson

Chapter 89


  • When Melinda is in her last class of the day, algebra, an idea suddenly strikes her: she's done "hiding" (88.1).
  • When class is over, she follows Rachel. Andy Evans tries to get Rachel's attention, but she won't give him the time of day. She has a new boyfriend now, an exchange student from Portugal.
  • Melinda is really glad to be seeing Andy get some of what he deserves.
  • Andy keeps walking behind Rachel and Greta-Ingrid, but Greta-Ingrid turns and tells Andy off.
  • Melinda thinks that Greta-Ingrid has come a long way with her English.
  • Next stop: the closet. Melinda leaves the door open a little while she gathers some of her tree drawings and her turkey bone sculpture.
  • She needs her backpack to carry the blanket, and she leaves the closet to go get her bag from her locker.
  • Somebody hits her and forces her back into the closet, closing the door behind her.
  • Melinda is stuck in the closet, with the light on, staring into the face of Andy Evans.
  • Andy tells Melinda she's a liar – she messed things up for him by telling Rachel that he raped her. Andy says that girls have sex with him because they want to – he doesn't have to rape them.
  • He asks Melinda if she's telling lies about him because she's jealous that he can get dates and she can't.
  • Melinda tries to walk past him, but he blocks her and locks the door.
  • He pushes her against the door.
  • Maya Angelou watches from the poster.
  • Andy tells Melinda that he's sure she won't scream, because she didn't scream last time. She's just jealous because he's dating Rachel instead of her. He plans to "give [her] what [she] want[s]" (88.12).
  • Andy puts his mouth on Melinda's face and his teeth on her neck. He takes both of her wrists in one hand. She remembers what he did with the other hand last time.
  • Suddenly, Melinda screams, "NNNOOO!!!" (88.16). Melinda pushes Andy off her and he punches her in the face. She keeps screaming.
  • Andy smooshes her body against the sink. He's choking her. He moves his hand from her throat to her body.
  • She grabs for her turkey bone sculpture and throws it at the Maya Angelou poster, breaking the glass of the mirror the poster is taped over.
  • This confuses Andy enough that he loses his grip on Melinda. She picks up a piece of glass and puts it to Andy's throat. She wants to stab him, but she's happy with the fact that now Andy is the one who "cannot speak" (88.20). Melinda tells him, "I said no" (88.21).
  • Now, somebody is banging on the door.
  • Melinda opens it up and sees Nicole with the lacrosse team, and their sticks. They look pretty mad.
  • When they see what's happening, one of them runs off to find some help.