Study Guide

Speak Chapter 9

By Laurie Halse Anderson

Chapter 9


  • Rachel, who used to be Melinda's best friend, is in the bathroom with Melinda.
  • Rachel has changed her name to Rachelle; she's hanging out with foreign exchange students and learning French.
  • Melinda's trying to put in her contact lens and Rachel is putting mascara on.
  • Melinda says hello to Rachel, and Rachel says, "Mmm" (9.5).
  • So Melinda tries, "How's it going?" (9.7).
  • Rachel makes another funny noise. Melinda is so mad at Rachel. Rachel never even asked her why she did what she did. (We'll learn more about what Melinda "did" later…)
  • After making a mess of her mascara, Rachel puts a candy cigarette in her mouth.
  • Rachel's friend comes out of a bathroom stall. She looks like a model, like someone who would be named Greta or Ingrid. From this point on, Melinda refers to her as Greta-Ingrid.
  • Rachel turns away from Melinda and leaves.
  • Melinda knows she needs a friend – not a best friend, or even good friend, just a friend of any sort. She needs someone to make her feel a little bit better about herself.