Study Guide

Speak Chapter 90

By Laurie Halse Anderson

Chapter 90

Final Cut

  • Melinda is in art class. It's the last day of school, and she's drawing her final tree.
  • She thinks this tree is really alive.
  • She knows she's destined for summer school because of all her bad grades, but she lingers in the art room, trying to make the tree just the way she wants it.
  • Some kids come in to the art class to talk to Mr. Freeman. A girl tells Melinda she's sorry about what happened to her and hopes she's OK.
  • The lacrosse girls told everybody what happened. When Mom brought Melinda home from the hospital the day Andy attacked her, there was an answering machine message from Rachel. She wants Melinda to give her a ring.
  • Melinda's final tree is missing something. Birds. She draws birds flying, and she can feel the flying as she draws.
  • She understands that she can't hide from what happened to her.
  • Melinda knows that Andy raped her, and hurt her, and that it isn't her fault in any way, even if she was a little drunk.
  • She can get over it and "grow" (89.9).
  • The picture is done, and the last bell rings.
  • Mr. Freeman joins Melinda, who is crying a little.
  • He tells her not to cry because salt water isn't good for the art supplies.
  • He tells Melinda that her picture is A+ work.
  • Speak ends with Melinda beginning to tell Mr. Freeman her story.