Study Guide

Spring in Fialta What’s Up With the Title?

By Vladimir Nabokov

What’s Up With the Title?

"Spring in Fialta" takes place on a day…in spring…in Fialta. Setting is enormously important to the text, as is the spring-like weather of the town in question, which explains why both were significant enough to make it into the title. We talk about these both in much more detail later on, but for now, you could probably go on and on about the fact that spring is a time of re-birth, yet "Spring in Fialta" ends with a death. (The narrator even mentions that it’s Lent during the second paragraph, which should get you thinking in this direction.) It’s also interesting that the story devotes more text to Victor’s memories than it does to actual scenes in Fialta. So this story may be about a spring day in Fialta, but that day itself is an accumulation of all that’s happened in the past.