Study Guide

Stardust Epilogue

By Neil Gaiman


In Which Several Endings May Be Discerned

Lady Una, long believed dead after she was stolen by a witch in her infancy, returns to Stormhold and declares herself regent until the return of her son, who wears the Power of Stormhold around his neck.

In three or so years, Tristran and Yvaine show up at an inn in Stormhold, chat people up about the state of affairs, and decide to go wandering again. Tristran's mom is doing a decent job of managing things, so why not?

They return again in five years, and Tristran is invested as eighty-second Lord of Stormhold. He's a wise ruler, and there are rumors that he's a member of the mysterious Fellowship of the Castle, which generally accomplishes good deeds.

Eventually, Tristran dies, and Yvaine rules from then on. She doesn't age, and she's a good leader, though she has this odd habit of standing alone on the highest peak, watching the stars.