Study Guide

Stardust Love

By Neil Gaiman


When love is in the air, people tend to do all kinds of unreasonable stuff, like going on a quest for a fallen star in Faerie. Tristran spends most of Stardust lovesick over Victoria Forester, but that's not the only love-plot going on. Victoria has feelings for Mr. Monday, who's more than twice her age, while Dunstan falling for the nameless faerie slave-girl is what kicked off this whole thing to begin with. And when Tristran and Yvaine fall in love with one another, it effectively transfers her heart to his keeping, which shakes the witch-queen off her tail for good.

It's also interesting to note where love doesn't occur, namely in the lives of the Lilim, the Stormhold heirs, and Madame Semele. If these folks love anything, it's power.

Questions About Love

  1. Do you think Dunstan loves Daisy? Why or why not?
  2. When does Tristran realize that he loves Yvaine?
  3. Does getting your Heart's Desire have to mean love? Why do you think it meant finding love for Dunstan?
  4. Which characters have the least love in their lives, and how do you think this affects their decisions?

Chew on This

All of the romantic relationships in <em>Stardust</em> are cases of opposites attracting.

Tristran and Yvaine would never have fallen in love if they hadn't been through so much together.