Study Guide

Tommy Forester in Stardust

By Neil Gaiman

Tommy Forester

Tommy seems like a sweet guy, though he isn't apparently too good in a fight: Alum Bey easily wins when they have a scuffle over Bridget Comfrey. This seems to work in Tommy's favor, though, since he and Bridget wind up married to each other.

When their daughter Victoria is born, it seems like Tommy (now Mr. Thomas) turns into a doting father. When Victoria wants something, "if all else failed, or even if it did not, she would appeal to her father, and he would accede to her demands" (2.15). But even fatherly love has its limits, since he refuses to let her work at the bar that Mr. Bromios runs. Even though it's something his beloved wife once did, now he regards it as "something that a well-brought-up young lady would not do" (2.15). Go figure, eh?