Study Guide

Minor Characters in Stitches: A Memoir

By David Small

Minor Characters

Ted Small

Ted is David's older brother, and he only appears in the first section of the book. He teaches David what a "growth" is by showing him pictures in their dad's medical books.

Mrs. Dillon

Mrs. Dillon is the sophisticated member of the women's auxiliary bridge club who first notices the growth on David's neck. She's also his mom's secret girlfriend.

Dr. Joe

Dr. Joe is the doctor who incorrectly diagnoses David's cancer as a sebaceous cyst.

Papa John

Papa John is David's step-grandfather in Indiana, whom David's grandma tries to murder when she sets their house on fire.

Boarding House Residents

Jim (actor); Patti (singer); Stan and Letitia (bathroom residents); Bill and Gina (residents of the room with the hole in the floor).