Study Guide

Stormbreaker Chapter 10

By Anthony Horowitz

Chapter 10

Death in the Long Grass

  • The sound of Nadia Vole pounding on the door wakes Alex up the next morning. This will be his last session with the Stormbreaker because the computers are being shipped out that afternoon; she suggests that he take a walk to Port Tallon after he's finished for the day
  • Alex finds a message on his Game Boy from MI6—they can't interpret the map either.
  • Stormbreaker isn't as fun the second time around. When he's finished, Alex takes Mrs. Vole up on the stroll to Port Tallon.
  • Alex follows footpath signs leading to Port Tallon. Something about the second sign makes him think twice, but he trudges on nonetheless until, to his surprise, he ends up in the middle of a grassy field.
  • Suddenly, there's the roar of engines and Alex sees two "quad bikes" (10.25) barreling toward him with clearly murderous intent. Oh yeah, and did we mention that they have flamethrowers? It's on.
  • Alex manages to knock one of the drivers off and quickly takes his bike. Then he plays chicken with the other rider and wins, sending the other baddie careening off a cliff.
  • Exhausted, Alex walks down to Port Tallon to regain his composure.