Study Guide

Stormbreaker Chapter 11

By Anthony Horowitz

Chapter 11

Dozmary Mine

  • Alex ends up at the library because he remembers Sayle mentioning that Ian "spent half of his time" (11.5) there.
  • He asks the librarian about Ian. The man remembers Ian researching viruses a lot, and Alex assumes that he means computer viruses.
  • The librarian also mentions that Ian spent a lot of time in section CL. Something clicks in Alex's head and he realizes that he saw the letters CL on Ian's map—Ian wrote down library reference numbers. Eureka.
  • Alex finds a book about the local Dozmary mine, which contains an old black-and-white map that fits the one that Ian had made. The puzzle pieces are falling together.
  • A photocopy of the map in hand, Alex heads to the entrance of the mine. Time is running out.
  • He finds a trapdoor leading into the mine and slowly climbs down the ladder; he reaches the bottom of the dark shaft and tries to "fight off the sense of claustrophobia" (11.45).
  • Alex follows Ian's map into the depths of the mine. As he gets deeper, the passageways become increasingly cramped and Alex can feel water at his feet.
  • It looks like he's reached a dead end until Alex realizes he's standing in front of a pool of water. Luckily, Ian left a dry wetsuit and a track of rope behind, presumably for his return voyage.
  • Alex suits up and dives in; the water is freezing and he can barely see a thing. Finally, he feels "his shoulder come clear and [...] he knew that he made it" (11.65).