Study Guide

Stormbreaker Chapter 15

By Anthony Horowitz

Chapter 15

Eleven O'Clock

  • Sayle's helicopter is gone, but Alex can see a cargo plane slowly preparing for liftoff, and that plane is his only chance of reaching the London Science Museum in time.
  • Alex sees a guard pull up in a small jeep. He knocks out the guard and commandeers the jeep. Easy peasey.
  • Alex tries to catch up with the plane, which has almost reached "the start of the runway" (15.4). He's not going to be able to make it…
  • Just then, Alex remembers his yo-yo—bless you, Smithers—and he attaches one end to his belt loop and the other to the harpoon. Clever.
  • The jeep shakes—Alex has been sandwiched between two machine-gun-wielding, jeep-driving henchmen. Alex pulls the ol' sudden stop routine, though, and shakes them.
  • With the plane finally in reach, Alex shoots the harpoon gun, landing the shot perfectly on the "underbelly of the plane" (15.16).
  • Alex climbs in and finds the plane empty, except for Mr. Grin sitting in the cockpit. Alex pulls out the gun that he pocketed from the guard and demands that Grin fly to the Science Museum.