Study Guide

Stormbreaker Chapter 16

By Anthony Horowitz

Chapter 16

Twelve O'Clock

  • Our unlikely pair is currently approaching the museum, but Alex still hasn't figured out what to do next. Then he sees a parachute in the rear of the plane, so he grabs it and leaps out.
  • Mr. Grin whips the plane around and heads straight for him, but Alex has another plan. He activates the smoke bomb he dropped in the cockpit before jumping, sending the plane careening into "a deserted piece of dock land" (16.18).
  • Alex has three minutes left and is still thousands of feet in the air. This is going to be a close one.
  • Inside the museum, Sayle is just finishing a rather bizarre speech. Seriously, this guy has got to be more subtle with the evil villain stuff if he's going to make this career last. The prime minister is about to press the button and…
  • Alex has guided himself to the museum and is closing in fast. He tries to land on the "roof," which actually turns out to be the building's all-glass ceiling. Brace for impact…
  • Alex crashes through "at about thirty miles per hour" (16.33), the parachute gets snagged, and Alex is left hanging from the roof above three hundred very confused British people.
  • Alex can see that the prime minister is about to press the button, so he does the only thing that he can do—unload his pistol, successfully destroying the ignition device and hitting Sayle a few times, too.
  • Alex expects to get blown to bits by police bullets, but they never come—Mrs. Jones has already called them off.
  • The world is saved, but Sayle is nowhere to be found.