Study Guide

Minor Characters in Story of a Girl

By Sara Zarr

Minor Characters


The forty-six-year-old gay owner of Picasso's Pizza, Michael loves Pacifica, even though his business isn't exactly booming. He watches out for Deanna when she has to work with Tommy, serving as her buffer to the guy who messed up her life.

Tucker Bradford

One of Tommy's jock friends who bullies Deanna about her reputation.

Bruce Cowell

Tucker's jock sidekick who puts his hand between Deanna's legs at the mall and subsequently gets the Deanna beat down (a.k.a. knocked on his butt on the floor of the food court).


Darren and Stacy's unplanned infant daughter.

Mr. North

Deanna's English teacher who inspires her journaling habit.

Caitlin Spinelli

A popular girl from Terra Nova who cruises around Pacifica listening to loud rap music in her car.