Study Guide

Tangerine Allusions

By Edward Bloor


Literary and Philosophical References

  • Exodus ("'Look at that now,' he said. 'Y'all are having a regular nine plagues of Egypt over here, aren't you?' 'Yeah,' I said. 'Nine and counting.'") (2.6.25)

Historical References

  • Julius Caesar ("Victor grabbed Cesar from behind and shook him. He declared, 'His name is Julius Cesar now, the emperor of Rome!'") (2.20.111)

Pop Culture References

  • Charlie Brown ("Antoine whipped the ball away at the last second, like Lucy does with Charlie Brown") (2.6.25)
  • Mickey Mouse ("Dad thought about this. 'So, they can drive to Florida to see Mickey Mouse, but not to see their own grandson play football?'") (2.3.12)

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