Study Guide

Tangerine Part 1, Chapter 10

By Edward Bloor

Part 1, Chapter 10

Tuesday, September 5

  • Mike Costello is dead.
  • What, what?!
  • Mike Costello actually died.
  • Erik and Arthur pull up to their house after football practice and tell Mrs. Fisher and Paul that Mike was leaning on the goalpost when lightning struck it. It singed off all the hair on the left side of his head, and threw him a few feet into the air.
  • The coaches tried CPR, and the ambulance and cops came, but it was too late.
  • This is obviously too horrific for words—so why is Arthur fighting back a smile, covering his face with his hand as Erik talks about poor Joey Costello freaking out at the scene while trying to take Mike's shoes off?
  • Paul and his mom are in shock—but then Paul hears Erik and Arthur laughing their heads off in the backyard, making fun of Mike's lightning "Mohawk" and Joey's reaction.
  • He realizes that they're happy, because they'll actually benefit from Mike's death—more glory for them on the football team.
  • These kids are sick.

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