Study Guide

Tangerine Part 1, Chapter 12

By Edward Bloor

Part 1, Chapter 12

Thursday, September 7

  • Paul's mom is a woman on a mission. She calls all the football players' parents to get them to complain about the afternoon football practices.
  • The principal, coach, and Mr. Fisher finally agree to have a meeting at the Fishers' home that night.
  • Twelve parents show up, and the conversation turns to the fact that the koi fish in the pond are dwindling. Okaaaay…
  • Mr. Bridges and Coach Warner finally arrive, and tell the group the students will be planting a tree in Mike's memory.
  • Mrs. Fisher startles the crowd by suddenly demanding that the principal put a stop to afternoon practices during thunderstorms. Calm down there, Mrs. Fisher.
  • Coach Warner steps in, explaining that it would destroy the team if they stopped practicing. The two of them argue for a while, until the coach finally tells Mrs. Fisher that if she wants to remove Erik from the team for safety reasons, he will understand.
  • Mr. Fisher is horrified, but Mrs. Fisher won't be deterred, and continues to fight for morning practices.
  • Slowly, the other parents come to Mrs. Fisher's defense, until the coach and principal agree to poll all the team parents to see if morning practices would work.
  • The meeting breaks up, and Mrs. Fisher heads up to bed, pointedly ignoring Mr. Fisher.
  • Oooh, burn!

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