Study Guide

Tangerine Part 1, Chapter 17

By Edward Bloor

Part 1, Chapter 17

Monday, September 11, later

  • Lake Windsor Middle School is on the national news. Well, duh! Stuff like this doesn't happen every day.
  • Amazingly, not many kids were seriously hurt.
  • The local news that night features a geologist from the University of Florida, explaining that above-average amounts of storm runoff (rain) had caused an underground cavern to form and then collapse.
  • Paul's dad comes home furious. As a civil engineer for the county, he was immediately hounded by reporters asking how they could have approved a school being built on top of a huge sinkhole.
  • His boss, Old Charley Burns, was out of the office, as usual, so Mr. Fisher had to try and deal with the crisis on his own.
  • When he couldn't find the geological surveys for the school campus, a reporter confronted him, asking how he could be so ignorant about goings-on in his own office. That did not sit well with Mr. Fisher, to say the least.
  • Paul is pretty happy with the day's experiences, though. He's proud that he was brave enough to help. Even though he's still scared of his own brother, he feels like less of a coward now.

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