Study Guide

Tangerine Part 1, Chapter 3

By Edward Bloor

Part 1, Chapter 3

Saturday, August 19, later

  • Another thunderstorm hits. Seriously? This time it knocks out the power in Paul's house for a few seconds.
  • Paul decides, after helping his mom reset all the clocks in the house, to go for a bike ride in his new neighborhood.
  • As he rides around through the dusty white sand of new construction, he passes the community's pretentious model homes and watches a brand-new house get an instantly lush, sod-square lawn (not at all like this one).
  • Finally, he reaches the ornate guardhouse at the entrance, and the perfectly circular pond nearby. Sensing a theme here?
  • He pedals back to his house to find his mom speaking with Mr. Costello, the president of the Homeowners' Association, who tells him that that lovely man-made pond is full of expensive koi, flown in from Atlanta. This place is so fancy, even their wildlife is imported!
  • Just then, Mr. Fisher and Erik show up and start talking football with Mr. Costello. As it turns out, he has a son on the football team as well, so he goes to get him.
  • Everyone gathers in the Fishers' "great room" to chat and meet Mike, Mr. Costello's son.
  • He's a pretty cool guy, and it looks like he'll be the one holding the ball for the placekicker—who will be none other than… (trumpet fanfare) the amazing Erik!
  • Paul knows this means poor Mike won't be getting much football glory, being in Erik's shadow, but Mike seems okay with that—he's already been accepted into college, and doesn't need to rely on a future in football as much as Erik does.
  • Paul is worried, though, that this might change, once Mike gets caught up in the Erik Fisher Football Dream. (We aren't sure why this reminds us of Sharkboy, but it does.)

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