Study Guide

Tangerine Part 1, Chapter 5

By Edward Bloor

Part 1, Chapter 5

Wednesday, August 23

  • The whole fam turns out for the high school football tryout camp. Erik doesn't need to try out—he has such mad placekicking skills that he's already guaranteed a spot. But he's there anyway.
  • Paul notices a bird flying overhead, and recognizes it as an osprey.
  • So if he can identify a bird from that far away, he must be able to see all right after all.
  • Mr. Fisher and Coach Warner start talking about the team. Antoine Thomas is the name of the star quarterback, but the coach is really counting on Erik to give the team a boost.
  • As Paul listens, he thinks about why he prefers soccer to football. He doesn't think it's fair that "some guy like Erik who hasn't even worked up a sweat can come in and grab all the glory" (1.5.12).
  • He also remembers how his dad wasn't really into sports until Erik started getting good at placekicking. Since then, though, he's been obsessed. With football. And Erik.
  • Mrs. Fisher notices storm clouds gathering (so what's new?) and hurries Paul to the car, so he won't get soaked. She's pretty upset that they're holding football tryouts and practices during the afternoons, since that seems to be thunderstorm time every day.
  • Paul thinks the rain clouds are mad, because they can't find the tangerine trees they used to rain on. So now they dump their rain on people instead, out of spite. Hmmm, interesting theory…
  • The rain stops, and Paul sees a group of kids playing soccer nearby. One of them is Joey Costello, Mike's younger brother. Paul joins them, and they kick the ball around a little. They're not very good players, so he thinks he has a pretty good chance of playing goalie for the team—and of making a difference.

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