Study Guide

Tangerine Part 1, Chapter 6

By Edward Bloor

Part 1, Chapter 6

Monday, August 28

  • First day of school! As Paul is walking next to the community's wall towards the bus stop, something about the scene brings on…another flashback!
  • Paul remembers standing in line at a bus stop as a kindergartener, with a 5th grade Erik and his friends making fun of him. Erik is telling everyone that Paul looked at the sun during that summer's eclipse, and that's why he has to wear super-thick glasses. He calls him Eclipse Boy. Poor little Paul goes along with the story, because he can't actually remember what happened to his eyes.
  • Flashback over, Paul gets in line at his new bus stop. He sees his new friend Joey Costello, and they chat till the bus comes.
  • Looking through his school information packet on the bus, he sees that vision-impaired students are to report to the office before class.
  • He decides to ignore that, though, and heads first to homeroom, and then to science.
  • In science, Mr. Murrow, the guidance counselor, sends for him. He tells Paul that, based on his IEP, a fellow student, Kerri Gardner, has been assigned to guide him around campus until he learns his way around.
  • Paul insists that he can see fine, so Mr. Murrow offers a compromise—Kerri can just show him around for today.
  • Once they get back to the portable, though, Paul tells Kerri he really doesn't need help. Like, seriously. Really. As in, go away now.
  • She's all, what's up with the crazy thick glasses, then? And he says…ummm, I had an accident. In other words, he doesn't tell her the eclipse story that he used to whip out.
  • Kerri's stoked that she can get a free day out of this, so she's cool with it, and leaves Paul alone to wonder why he didn't tell her about the eclipse, and why he can't remember what actually happened to him.

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