Study Guide

Tangerine Part 2, Chapter 1

By Edward Bloor

Part 2, Chapter 1

Monday, September 18

  • First day of school! Again!
  • Mrs. Fisher doesn't like the look of some kids karate-kicking each other out in front of the school, but Paul tells her to chill.
  • She also wants to come in with him, but he nips that in the bud real quick.
  • Paul goes into the office to let them know he's transferring from Lake Windsor, and they assign him a guide, Theresa Cruz, for his first day—not because he can't see, but just to be nice.
  • Theresa is kind of weird, and doesn't say much all morning.
  • Paul notices that the classes at Tangerine middle are pretty much the same as the ones at his old school, but the kids are way tougher.
  • Finally, at lunch, Theresa opens up when Paul asks her about the school soccer team.
  • Her brother Tino is the star player, but he won't be at practice tomorrow.
  • Because he got suspended, along with a bunch of other guys from the team.
  • For vandalizing the freak show at the carnival. Ahhh, so we've met Tino before!
  • Theresa goes on to explain that the goalie is a girl—and that there are a few other girls on the team, too.
  • Paul is flabbergasted, and Theresa is finally getting warmed up, bragging about how great the team is. Turns out they were second in the county last year.
  • After lunch, though, she goes back to her quiet self.
  • Paul discovers that his language arts teacher is Mrs. Murrow—the Lake Windsor counselor's wife.
  • He decides to be as unnoticeable as possible in that class, so she never mentions him to her husband. The last thing he wants is that IEP following him over here.
  • After school, Theresa introduces Paul to Betty Bright, the soccer coach.
  • She makes him the backup goalie, and he does a killer job during practice.
  • Afterwards, he sees the same pick-up truck his mom had gotten mad about at the carnival. It's Theresa's big brother Luis, picking her up from school.
  • Paul heads back into the school building, where he meets his mom…coming out of the office!
  • Oh, man, Paul starts freaking. She did have to bring his file over from Lake Windsor, after all. There goes soccer. There goes his new start.
  • Except…"There is no IEP in your file" (2.1.89) Huh?
  • Is this a Jedi mind trick or something? No! Paul's mom tells him his IEP somehow "got lost" on the way to Tangerine Middle.
  • Phew! Paul is so relieved that he comes up with another one of his nutty theories. Maybe an osprey took it, and used it to feather its nest.
  • This time, his mom agrees with him. But, uh, we're thinking that she may be the one responsible.

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