Study Guide

Tangerine Part 2, Chapter 12

By Edward Bloor

Part 2, Chapter 12

Tuesday, October 3

  • Paul remembers something that happened on Joey's first day at Tangerine Middle.
  • Joey had showed up in homeroom without Theresa as a guide, and when Paul asked him where she was, he told him that he didn't need a "guide dog" (2.12.8).
  • Paul took offense at that, and Joey laughed, asking if he thought Theresa was good-looking.
  • After considering it for a minute, Paul said he did, and Joey comes back with "(t)hen you've been here too long" (2.12.12).
  • Paul warned him not to come in with an attitude.
  • Why is Paul remembering this? Well, there's an incident in science class today.
  • The students all get into their groups. Theresa takes charge of their group, telling the guys that they will do their report on a new variety of citrus her brother Luis has developed, called the Golden Dawn tangerine.
  • This girl is on it—she's got stuff printed out for each of them, and has already divvied up the research jobs.
  • She tells them that Luis wants to meet with them all, too, and then everyone can give their research to her, and she'll type it up.
  • Joey offers to print it for her, if she just saves it on a disk, but Theresa admits they only have a typewriter.
  • Tino immediately goes on the offensive, asking Joey if he's got a problem with that.
  • Of course, this starts an argument. Joey insults Luis, which leads to Tino lunging at him and getting dragged out into the hall.
  • Joey leaves the group, yelling at Paul that he's a coward for hanging out with these guys.
  • The teacher takes him out, too, and Paul just stands there in shock.
  • Theresa calms the class down, and they get back to work. Joey eventually comes back to class, but joins another group. Tino? Off in suspension.

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