Study Guide

Tangerine Part 2, Chapter 16

By Edward Bloor

Part 2, Chapter 16

Saturday, November 4

  • Paul has his mom drive him out to the Cruz grove again.
  • He hasn't called or anything, so when he just shows up, Tino is less than thrilled.
  • Luis is nice, though, and invites him to help them work.
  • They spend three hours laying hoses out by each row of trees, and then they take a break, snacking on tangerines.
  • Luis asks Paul what he likes about the tangerine business, and he says it's the smell.
  • Luis agrees, and tells Paul that the closest he can come to describing that scent is a "golden dawn"
  • Then he gives Paul and Tino each a tangerine clipper, and they slice a hole in the hoses by each tree.
  • Paul's pretty sunburned by the end. While they're waiting for his mom to pick him up, Tino tells him it'd be okay if he put together the final report on his computer.
  • Then he tells Paul that Luis injured his knee clipping tangerines when he was twelve. Luis didn't make a fuss when he was hurt, because he thought his mom wouldn't let him help anymore—but eventually it got so bad he had to have a pin put in, and he couldn't walk at all for a while.
  • Luis didn't work again until his mom died.
  • Luis also, it turns out, used to play goalie on the Tangerine Middle School soccer team.
  • With all this sharing going on, Paul decides to tell get something off his conscience. He tells Tino that he's the one who ratted him and the other guys out for vandalizing the freak show exhibit.
  • Tino kicks him in the backside, but then smiles, and waves as Paul gets into his mom's car.

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