Study Guide

Tangerine Part 2, Chapter 17

By Edward Bloor

Part 2, Chapter 17

Sunday, November 5

  • Mr. Donnelly calls Mr. Fisher and invites the whole family over to meet some football bigwigs from the University of Florida.
  • Mrs. Fisher is mad that Mr. Donnelly hasn't returned her calls about taking down those extra lightning rods, but Mr. Fisher tells her to let it go for tonight.
  • As they walk to Mr. Donnelly's house, they're attacked by a swarm of mosquitoes, and run the rest of the way, screaming and slapping themselves. LOL!
  • Erik is already there, of course, acting all fake and polite.
  • Mr. Donnelly is a great host, chatting with each of them, and even telling Paul about his soccer coach's track career.
  • Betty Bright was a champion hurdler, back when she was in high school. She was so good, she made the Olympic team in 1978.
  • But in her preliminary race at the Pan American Games, she was hit in the eye by a competitor going over the first hurdle.
  • (There's really something about eyes in this book.)
  • She finished fourth because of it, and didn't get to move on to the finals.
  • When the Olympics rolled around in Moscow two years later, the US boycotted them, so she lost her chance again.
  • But, Mr. Donnelly tells Paul, Coach Bright did get a full college scholarship out of it, and had a great amateur career.
  • Just then, Erik and Mr. and Mrs. Fisher come over to say their goodbyes.
  • Erik drives off with Arthur, and Paul walks home with his parents.
  • They go in through the garage door—which starts to trigger another flashback for Paul.
  • His mom starts playing back a voicemail message from his grandma, and that seals the deal—flashback time again!
  • Paul is a kindergartner, standing in his garage in Huntsville, as his grandparents walk in, carrying overnight bags.
  • Erik pops out to say hello, right as Paul's mom whispers to him that he shouldn't say anything bad to his grandparents.
  • As they get closer to Paul, his grandma looks at him funny. His grandpa gets right to the point, asking him point blank what happened to his eyes.
  • Paul's mom insists that he's going to be okay, and shepherds them inside to talk, leaving Paul and Erik outside, staring at each other.

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