Study Guide

Tangerine Part 2, Chapter 3

By Edward Bloor

Part 2, Chapter 3

Wednesday, September 20

  • Paul and Joey are comparing their soccer uniforms in Paul's backyard after school. Joey's is brand new, while Paul's has already seen some action.
  • They hear Erik and Arthur driving through the mud behind the wall, near the muck fire, which is worse than usual today.
  • Unfortunately, the high-schoolers decide to cut through the backyard—on foot—on their way inside.
  • But when they see Joey, they start making fun of him. And his dead brother. Can you believe these guys?
  • Joey can't quite grasp what they're doing at first, so, once they're gone, Paul reluctantly explains.
  • Joey feels like a coward for not standing up to them. Paul tries to cheer him up, but Joey starts crying, and explains that the reason he had been trying to take Mike's shoes off, after he was hit by the lightning, was because that had always made him feel better. He had just wanted to help, but now kids are making fun of him for it.
  • Paul tells that Tangerine Middle is awesome, and he should transfer. Maybe he will, Joey says.

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