Study Guide

Tangerine Part 2, Chapter 4

By Edward Bloor

Part 2, Chapter 4

Friday, September 22

  • Paul gets to play in his first away game today!
  • The Tangerine War Eagles ride in an old bus to Palmetto Middle School, whose team—and fans—play pretty nasty.
  • Victor gets his guys pumped up, but the Palmetto Whippoorwills are violent, bloodthirsty cheaters—even their fans throw stuff at the War Eagles from the sidelines.
  • Paul and his team are better players, though, so even when it starts pouring rain, they keep their cool.
  • Well… until Tino gets knocked down, and starts punching the kid who did it in the face.
  • The coach drags him off the field, and then puts Paul in for Tino. Not as goalie—as center forward!
  • Paul plays fine until he somehow misses the ball on a kick, which gets Victor so screaming mad he's ready to kill him.
  • The next time Paul gets a shot at the ball, a Whippoorwill knocks him down, grabs his space goggles, and smears mud into his eyes!
  • Poor Paul goes nuts attacking the kid, till the coach drags him off the field, too.
  • So he watches from the sidelines as the War Eagles manage to pull off a last-second win, with Victor scoring the winning goal—and cracking heads with the Whippoorwills' goalie at the same time.
  • On the bus ride home, Victor apologizes for yelling at him. He was impressed with Paul's guts out there, and tells him he's a real War Eagle now. They're brothers.

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