Study Guide

Tangerine Part 2, Chapter 8

By Edward Bloor

Part 2, Chapter 8

Tuesday, September 26, later

  • Paul's grandma calls to make sure he's okay, what with the sinkhole and all.
  • His mom takes the phone, so Paul goes up to his room—but a few minutes later, she brings the phone back to him.
  • Confused, Paul takes it. It's Cara, a girl from Lake Windsor Middle. She asks him about Tangerine Middle, and whether he's going out with anyone from there.
  • He says no, and then Cara asks him if he remembers Kerri Gardner, and if he likes her.
  • Paul does the deer-in-the-headlights thing, if you can even do that over the phone, and doesn't say a word.
  • Cara says bye, and Paul calls Joey.
  • Cara's his girlfriend, so Joey explains that they were scamming him—Kerri was listening in on the other line to see what Paul would say.
  • Paul wonders whether Kerri is still going out with the guy she was with at the carnival, and asks Joey to let him know if he finds out. Interesting…
  • Then he thinks about it for a while, and comes to the happy conclusion that Kerri Gardner must like him.
  • Gee, we miss middle school. Not.

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