Study Guide

Tangerine Part 2, Chapter 9

By Edward Bloor

Part 2, Chapter 9

Wednesday, September 27

  • Victor still can't practice with the team, because of his head injury, so Paul gets to play his position again.
  • But sitting on the sidelines, Victor notices Joey, and starts picking on him.
  • When Paul and Joey start walking away after practice, Victor and his friends join them.
  • They tease Paul good-naturedly, and Paul gives as good as he gets.
  • But not Joey. When they start ribbing Joey, Joey gets mad. Of course, the guys think it's funny, and keep giving Joey a hard time till they get to Luis's truck.
  • Once they're alone again, Paul tries to calm Joey down, but he stays pretty upset.
  • Paul's mom pulls up, and rolls down her window to say hi to the girls on the team, and give them a little encouragement.
  • Paul tells her that they are their top players, and that two of them will probably be making the All-County Team.
  • Mrs. Fisher is so stunned that she thinks there should be something about them in the newspaper.
  • As they drive up to Joey's house, they see that both his neighbors' houses are covered with tents—like on ET!—and are being fumigated.
  • The whole street is infested with termites, and Joey's house will be tented next week.
  • Mrs. Fisher offers to let Joey stay with them while his house is fumigated, but that idea, not surprisingly, doesn't really appeal to him. A slumber party with Erik Fisher? No, thank you.

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