Study Guide

Tangerine Part 3, Chapter 1

By Edward Bloor

Part 3, Chapter 1

Monday, November 20

  • The science group comes over to Paul's house to work on their report, and when they finish, they head out to the backyard to kick the soccer ball around a little.
  • It's like déjà vu for Paul, though—suddenly they hear Arthur and Erik driving up.
  • They walk through the gate, and Erik starts right in, "Look at this. I think it's great that these farm-labor kids get to spend a day away from the fields" (3.1.11).
  • Tino looks furious, but Paul tells they're not worth it.
  • That just makes Tino madder, so he confronts Erik.
  • Arthur gets a blackjack out of his gym bag, but Erik tells him to put it away.
  • That is, until Tino brings up Erik's famous televised flop. Then, Erik hits him in the face so hard that he spins in the air before he hits the ground.
  • Paul thinks he may be unconscious, or even dead.
  • Erik calms himself, and then stares at Paul with a strange look in his eyes. Paul thinks it may be sorrow, or even fear.
  • He and Arthur head back out through the gate.
  • Paul and Henry run to Tino, and he tries to get up, bleeding where Erik's ring had cut his head.
  • He looks at the patio door for help, and sees something strange—a white shirt moves. Is that his dad? Did his dad see what Erik did?
  • Tino won't accept any help from Paul. In silence, everyone leaves, and Wayne comes to drive them home.
  • Paul is left alone to wonder what he should have done differently.

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