Study Guide

Tangerine Part 3, Chapter 10

By Edward Bloor

Part 3, Chapter 10

Saturday, December 2

  • Joey calls Paul to tell him that Betty Bright's car is parked outside Mr. Donnelly's house.
  • He goes to check it out, and finds Shandra sitting in the coach's car.
  • She tells Paul that Antoine is sick of lying about where he lives in order to play on the Lake Windsor team. He's also upset that Shandra can't get the soccer glory she deserves at Tangerine, because they don't want to draw attention to the fact that she plays there, while he's at Lake Windsor.
  • Just then, Antoine and Coach Bright come out. They tell Paul that they're telling the truth now, and Mr. Donnelly will be running the story tomorrow.
  • Antoine tells Paul that he should tell the truth, too. The others don't know what he means, but Paul gets excited.
  • He goes home, and his parents tell him there will be an important meeting there the next day, and that he should be there, too.

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