Study Guide

Tangerine Part 3, Chapter 4

By Edward Bloor

Part 3, Chapter 4

Friday, November 24

  • Paul wakes up at 4:30 am, and realizes that he has slept for 18 hours. No one woke him up to go to Erik's game, or even for Thanksgiving dinner.
  • His dad eventually wakes up and starts complaining about the game. Antoine's friend, Brian, was the one snapping the ball to Erik. Mr. Fisher thinks he deliberately threw the ball badly, to make Arthur and Erik look like fools.
  • Paul looks through the newspaper's coverage of the game, and then sees the picture of the new All-County Middle School soccer team.
  • He wishes he were on it, but knows Shandra earned her place, and he's happy for her.
  • His dad notices him cutting out the picture and asks if he made the team.
  • Paul is really upset by the question. He grills his dad about what position he played, and how many games he played in—and his dad has no clue.
  • And then he asks how many field goals Erik kicked this year. That one, his dad knows. But he just says that it was an important season for Erik's future this year.
  • And then Paul's mom drops a bomb: what if Erik has no future in football?
  • Ha! That's just crazy.
  • The phone rings, and it's a neighbor telling them to look outside—someone has smashed all the mailboxes on the street and spray-painted "Seagulls suck!" all over the development wall.
  • Paul goes out to see, and almost starts having a flashback—but passes out, instead.
  • When he comes to, his dad is freaking out, yelling at him to tell him what happened. He doesn't know, but he feels okay… and weird at the same time.

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