Study Guide

Tangerine Part 3, Chapter 5

By Edward Bloor

Part 3, Chapter 5

Monday, November 27

  • Paul's mom makes him stay home today, so he spends all day thinking about what Luis said—today is the day.
  • But after school, Erik comes home fine.
  • Then Kerri calls Paul to ask him to go with her to Joey's house after the Senior Awards Night on Friday, where they'll be planting a tree in memory of Mike Costello.
  • To go with her, as her date!
  • He agrees, obviously, but then has to hang up so his mom can start inviting people to an HOA meeting at their house that night.
  • Paul checks Erik's "Scholarship Offers" file on the computer, and sees that all the schools that aren't contenders for the national title have been deleted, and a 'press packet' has been sent to the big schools.
  • The HOA meeting starts, and Mr. Costello announces that the freeze killed off the mosquitoes. It also signaled the end of thunderstorm season.
  • Paul tells them that the ospreys are the ones responsible for taking the koi, and then leaves, as the adults continue to complain about the muck fire, the termites, and the robberies.

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