Study Guide

Mr. and Mrs. Honey in Tar Beach

By Faith Ringgold

Mr. and Mrs. Honey

Mr. and Mrs. Honey, the neighbors, are the Lightfoots' best buds. Their hobbies include eating, games, and relaxation. (They sound like our kind of people.)

A last name like Honey suggests that life is sweet for the Lightfoots' neighbors. Mrs. Honey seems to lead a life of leisure; Cassie tells us how much she loves to laugh and sleep in late. There's a hint of jealousy and longing in the way that Cassie wishes that her mother's life could be more like Mrs. Honey's.

The Honeys don't have any kids, so that's part of why their life seems easier. It's also possible that Mr. Honey has a good job, or at least a better one than Cassie's dad. Plus, Mr. Honey hasn't left home. That probably helps.