Study Guide

Dr. Carrothers in Tears of a Tiger

By Sharon M. Draper

Dr. Carrothers

In typical shrink fashion, Dr. C is always asking questions like, "How does that make you feel?" But we can't blame the guy—this is his job after all. In fact, he's one of the only people who actually talks to Andy about how he's feeling instead of sweeping his emotions under the rug and telling him to get over it. He even encourages him with comments like, "I think if you had said that you no longer felt guilty, I'd be worried. I see quite a bit of improvement in you, Andy" (25.16). In other words, Dr. C sees Andy's pain and invites him to feel okay about it.

It's too bad the doc isn't there when Andy needs him the most. But hey, he has a life, too, and going to visit your family because your mom's had a heart attack is about as good a reason as any to be unavailable to a client. Unfortunately Andy doesn't wait around to find out the whole story, and instead sinks into his sense of loneliness.