Study Guide

Tess of the D'Urbervilles Phase IV: "The Consequence," Chapter Twenty-Eight

By Thomas Hardy

Phase IV: "The Consequence," Chapter Twenty-Eight

  • A few days later, Angel asks why Tess said "no" so definitely, even after she's admitted that she loves him.
  • Tess says that she's not a fine lady, and makes up various other excuses about not being good enough, etc.
  • Tess almost wishes someone would tell him about her past, because she sure can't bring herself to do it. But no one around there knows about it.
  • He keeps pressing her, and she's afraid of giving in. Finally she promises to tell him all her reasons, and all her history.
  • Angel laughs, because what kinds of "experiences" can a seemingly inexperienced young girl like Tess have?
  • She's not laughing, though, and says she'll tell him everything on Sunday.
  • She's so agitated that she can't go help with the milking, and shuts herself up in her room, going back and forth between hope and fear. She wants to say yes, but thinks she shouldn't.