Study Guide

Tess of the D'Urbervilles Phase IV: "The Consequence," Chapter Twenty-Nine

By Thomas Hardy

Phase IV: "The Consequence," Chapter Twenty-Nine

  • Dairyman Crick announces at breakfast the next day that a local guy named Jack Dollop just got married to a widow with some money.
  • It's the same Jack Dollop who tried to hide in the big butter churn from the mother of a girl he'd seduced.
  • Apparently getting paddled by the churn wasn't enough to make him marry the girl, and he married this widow lady instead, because of her money. But Jack Dollop got the worst of it, because getting remarried meant that the widow lost her income. Everyone at the table laughs, except for Tess, who doesn't like the idea of getting married without being open with one's future partner.
  • After breakfast Angel asks Tess again, and the story about the widow and Jack Dollop has strengthened her resolve: she says no again.
  • More time passes, and Angel continues to pressure her to decide—especially after he accidentally sees her in her nightgown.
  • One evening they're helping to load up the cart to take the butter to the train station to be sent to the London market, and Dairyman Crick realizes that they're running late.
  • Angel volunteers to drive the load to the station, and asks Tess to come along.
  • She starts to object, since she's not wearing a jacket and it's getting late, but Angel insists, and she agrees.