Study Guide

The American Chapter 11

By Henry James

Chapter 11

  • Newman hasn't heard from M. Nioche, that charming fellow, in a while.
  • Voila, Nioche shows up on his doorstep. He's worried about his daughter, the headstrong Noémie.
  • Newman decides to hunt down Noémie to give her a talking-to. On his way, he runs into Valentin.
  • Valentin and Newman head to the Louvre: Newman, to find Noémie, and Valentin, out of boredom.
  • When they find Noémie, Valentin's lovestruck. She's a pretty, coquettish young lady.
  • Uh-oh. Newman is worried that Valentin will take it too far with Noémie. He tries to persuade him to leave her alone.
  • Valentin basically tells Newman to give it a rest. He'll do what he wants vis a vis Noémie.

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