Study Guide

The American Chapter 15

By Henry James

Chapter 15

  • Once again, M. Nioche's vanished into thin air. Newman begins to suspect that his old friend has committed suicide.
  • Oh, but wait. Valentin leaks to Newman that Noémie has acquired a patron. A bald-headed, rich patron.
  • Soon after, Newman runs into Noémie and M. Nioche at a random café.
  • Noémie's wearing fancy clothes and looking hot, but her dad is a little worse for the wear.
  • Newman reminds Noémie that he's got a dowry with her name on it, whenever she finds a suitable dude.
  • But Noémie turns her nose up at his generous offer. She tells Newman that she means to succeed. Get it, girl.
  • Newman gets the lowdown from Nioche. Apparently, Noémie's been giving him money from her patron.
  • Nioche hates Noémie for demeaning him like this, but he likes the money. What's a guy to do?
  • Newman tells Nioche to not hurt his daughter. We're hoping he listens.
  • Newman vents to Valentin about how selfish Noémie is being.
  • Valentin has a little confession to make. He's been visiting Noémie on the sly.
  • Newman brushes his friend off.
  • Flash forward a couple of days. Newman gets a much-coveted invitation to Madame de Bellegarde's ball.
  • Newman and Valentin meet up again, because apparently they're best friends.
  • Newman confides in Valentin that he's pretty happy with life. He's got the woman he loves, and all is swell.
  • Valentin, on the other hand, is depressed and obsessed with Noémie.
  • Newman tries to make things right by his friend. He offers to get him a sweet gig at a bank in America.

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