Study Guide

The American Chapter 25

By Henry James

Chapter 25

  • Remember the Duchess? She's a particularly high-placed acquaintance of the Bellegarde family.
  • Newman heads straight to her in order to unleash the Bellegarde family secret.
  • Plus, she seems sympathetic. She tells Newman a funny story about how her mom once rejected Napoleon in public. Dang, girl.
  • Since the Duchess is a social butterfly, she leaves momentarily to attend to a random prince who shows up on her doorstep.
  • Newman suddenly has a change of heart. What the heck is he doing?
  • He makes an excuse and skedaddles out of there.
  • One more time, Newman dines with the Tristram clan.
  • They're concerned about Newman, as always.
  • Get out of town, advises Mrs. Tristram. It doesn't seem like bad advice.
  • Newman heads off for London, still toying with the idea of releasing the secret at some point.
  • Newman is having an okay time in London. Sure, he's still depressed, but he can feel anonymous in the vast city.
  • Wait, who's that? Newman suddenly spots a familiar face walking around Hyde Park.
  • It's none other than Noémie, accompanied by Lord Deepmere. That's a weird pairing.
  • In an effort to avoid the two, Newman sits down—right next to M. Nioche. There's no hiding in this town.
  • M. Nioche is still pretty mad about his daughter's behavior, but he doesn't seem to be making steps to stop it.
  • Noémie and Deepmere come over to say hi.
  • While Deepmere stutters his apologies to Newman for Claire's conduct, he seems pretty happy to have ended up with Noémie.
  • As the group walks away, M. Nioche whispers to Newman to look out for the newspaper.
  • Apparently, M. Nioche is going to make his displeasure about his daughter known someday.
  • Yeah, right, thinks Newman.

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