Study Guide

The American Chapter 6

By Henry James

Chapter 6

  • It's back to Paris for Newman. Tom Tristram has set up his buddy with a pretty sweet apartment.
  • Mrs. Tristram has some rich gossip for Newman: she's seen Claire weeping on her way home from confession.
  • Claire's mom and brother are intolerable. They're trying to marry Claire off to save the family fortune. Jerks.
  • You can just call Newman Superman: he swears to come to Claire's rescue.
  • Newman heads back over to the Bellegarde household to see what's what with his intended beloved.
  • This time, he actually gets into the house.
  • Claire and the nice-looking gentleman Newman encountered before are having a little fireside chat.
  • The nice-looking dude is Valentin, Claire's brother. He hits it off with Valentin and tries to take him on a tour around the impressive house.
  • Claire has other plans, though. She makes tea for the two guys and her sister-in-law, a flibbertigibbet married to her brother Urbain.
  • Newman still has a major crush on Claire. Everything she does is awesome.
  • Of course, Newman's trying to impress his ladylove. He talks about how rich he is and how brave he was in war. We get it, buddy.
  • Valentin asks Newman if he's really brave. Do we detect a double meaning?
  • Newman's up for a challenge. He all but declares his intentions to woo Claire.

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