Study Guide

The American Chapter 7

By Henry James

Chapter 7

  • Valentin and Newman are becoming fast friends.
  • Valentin shows up at Newman's place late at night and finds it hilarious. Seriously, he can't stop laughing.
  • Newman's cool with it, especially when Valentin explains that he's on his side. Score one for Newman.
  • Newman shares some of the secrets to his success with his new pal. He's a self-made man, remember?
  • Meanwhile, Valentin shares that he's basically a slacker who camps out on his parents' couch full-time.
  • Still, he's pretty jealous of the sweet lifestyle Newman has going on.
  • Newman tries to butter Valentin up to get on his sister's good side. He tells his new pal that he might ask for a favor someday.
  • Valentin and Newman start to have a bromance. In other words, they're hanging out nonstop.
  • Newman even visits Valentin in his fancy-schmancy apartments. Unlike Newman's flashy digs, Valentin's house is gloomy and ancient.
  • Newman takes advantage of his good standing with Valentin and visits Claire twice. Sneaky dog.
  • Even though he doesn't talk much to Claire, he stares at her endlessly. It's only slightly creepy.
  • Valentin suggests an outing to his new friend: a visit to the famous Madame Dandelard.
  • Madame Dandelard's gorgeous, but she's bound to fall into ruin. She's as foolish as all get-out.
  • Newman isn't particularly interested. He is, however, very interested in talking about Claire.

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