Study Guide

The American Chapter 9

By Henry James

Chapter 9

  • Like a lovelorn puppy, Newman shows up on Claire's doorstep the next day. He just can't keep away.
  • Luckily, Valentin's exactly the kind of wingman you want on your side. He's put in a good word for Newman.
  • Deep breath, guy. Newman tells Claire that he's head over heels for her.
  • After dropping that bombshell of a statement, Newman can't seem to shut himself up.
  • He tells Claire that he plans to take care of her for the rest of her life and treat her with complete respect. Oh yeah, and he can't help humblebragging that he's rich.
  • Claire's face is tough to read. She finally lets Newman know that she's flattered—but she doesn't plan to marry. Bummer.
  • But Newman doesn't give up there. He begs Claire to give him a chance to strut his stuff before she shuts him down completely.
  • Fine. Claire agrees not to rule it out completely, as long as Newman promises not to mention the word "marriage" for six months.
  • Newman feels like he won a major victory, even if he hasn't yet put a ring on it.
  • Newman runs into Valentin and the two practically bump fists. Valentin promises to introduce Newman to his family.

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