Study Guide

Urbain de Bellegarde in The American

By Henry James

Urbain de Bellegarde

The Older Brother

Just like any good older brother, Urbain's protective of his sister. And just like any horrible older brother, he's complicit in a scheme to off his pops and make sure that his sister never finds happiness.

He's also terrifying to Newman. Urbain is the kind of guy whose steely-eyed stare would intimidate even the toughest G.I. When he opens the door to the Bellegarde mansion, Newman knows he means business instantly. Newman instantly feels that he "had never yet been confronted with such an incarnation of taking yourself seriously" (10.48).

And Urbain de Bellegarde seriously takes himself seriously.

He's the oldest son in a family line that reaches back generations. Oh yeah, and he's his mother's greatest ally in protecting that family line from outsiders like Newman.

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