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Chorus of Giants in The BFG

Chorus of Giants

The rest of the giants (besides the Bloodbottler and Fleshlumpeater) don’t speak to the BFG in the story. We only hear details about them from what the BFG tells Sophie.


The Bonecruncher crunches up humans before eating them. Supposedly, he only eats humans from Turkey because he likes the taste (which is a bit like turkey). Kind of a picky eater. But he’d probably be a fan of Thanksgiving.

The Meatdripper catches humans by pretending to be a tree growing in a park. He eats families who try to picnic under him. Hospitable.

The Gizzardgulper lies between roofs of cities and grabs humans as they walk down the street. Now there’s an excuse for being late to school.

The rest of the giants are only named, not described. There’s:

  • The Childchewer
  • The Manhugger
  • The Maidmasher
  • The Butcher Boy

Descriptions or no, you still get the idea from their names.