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Minor Characters in The BFG

Minor Characters

Mr. and Mrs. Goochey run a grocer’s shop across the street from Sophie’s orphanage. In the second chapter, Sophie sees the BFG blowing dreams into the bedroom window of their children, Michael and Jane Goochey. And that’s it.

Mrs. Clonkers is the mean woman who is in charge of Sophie’s orphanage. She locks children in the cellar with no food for a day and night whenever they break a rule. We’re pretty sure that’s child abuse.

The Young Pilot enjoys the flight to Giant Country, unlike the Head of the Air Force. He tells him, “It’s fun going to new places.” (21.73) Sophie would probably like him, if she met him. (She’s in the BFG’s ear, which is probably more fun, anyway.)

The gardener of the castle faints when he sees the BFG, but no one notices him. Good cameo.

The King of Sweden answers the Queen’s phone call and tells her about humans disappearing from Sweden. When she tells him the culprits were giants, he thinks she’s gotten ill.

The Sultan of Baghdad answers the Queen’s phone call. At first he says that they’re always chopping off people’s heads in Baghdad (a stereotype that is a little racist). But then he remembers an actual disappearance, and the story’s back on track.