Study Guide

The Cay Chapter 19

By Theodore Taylor

Chapter 19

  • Around noon Timothy hears bells and voices – it's a small boat coming to save him. The black smoke worked after all!
  • An American voice calls out, and Phillip and Stew Cat are taken on board. Before they leave, Phillip sends one of the sailors back for Timothy's knife.
  • Phillip tells the captain what ship he was on. The captain can hardly believe him, since the Hato was sunk way back in April.
  • The ship docks in Cristobal, Panama, and Phillip is taken to the hospital. His mother and father fly over and are in a state of shock. His mother keeps apologizing. Phillip finds it hard to tell them about Timothy.
  • Four months later Phillip gets his eyesight back, thanks to an operation in New York.
  • He then returns to life in Willemstad with his parents. He sees Henrik van Boven sometimes but feels much older than the boy after all that's happened to him. Now he mainly hangs out with black West Indians near the bay and the market, since they had known Timothy.
  • Phillip's father's work finally ends, and the family leaves Curaçao.
  • Phillip now spends hours looking over charts of the Caribbean. He plans to charter a schooner one day and return to the island he shared with Timothy.
  • He won't know the cay by sight, he says, but he'll know it when he closes his eyes. He will say, "Dis b'dat outrageous cay, eh, Timothy?" (19.45).