Study Guide

The Chosen Book 2, Chapter 5

By Chaim Potok

Book 2, Chapter 5

  • Finally, Reuven is free. In the cab-ride home, David gives Reuven his spare glasses and warns him not to read until they get the OK from the doctor.
  • The world looks beautiful and fresh to Reuven after the darkness of the hospital. He feels like he’s been away a long time.
  • Reuven and his father live on the first floor of a three-story brownstone.
  • (It looks something like this.)
  • They climb the stairs and Reuven can already smell the chicken soup.
  • Mmm… smells like home.
  • Their Russian housekeeper, who is named Manya and wears "man-sized shoes," greets Reuven with hugs and kisses.
  • They sit down to a feast of soup, breads, cheeses, smoked salmon, and chocolate pudding.
  • Reuven goes to his room.
  • He has maps of the various allied campaigns on his walls, and he plans to add a map of Europe. He has pencils, and a picture of Einstein and other smart-people-stuff.
  • After checking out his room, he goes into his dad’s dark, windowless study.
  • His dad looks old and frail there, working in his skullcap, but Reuven realizes that his father hasn’t been coughing today.
  • David sees him looking and frowns a bit, because he doesn’t like to be disturbed, so Reuven goes to the sunny living room and feels very happy to be home. Then he goes out to the backyard, and lies on a lounge chair.
  • He thinks about how much his life has changed in the past five days. He feels deeply alive and new.
  • Excited to see Danny tomorrow, he falls asleep thinking about him.