Study Guide

The Chosen Chapter 16

By Chaim Potok

Chapter 16

  • Danny and Reuven haven’t spoken in two years, and, finally, the Reb lifts the ban on their friendship.
  • It’s a bittersweet reunion, because both of them are badly damaged by not being able to rely on each other. Reuven expresses his deep feelings of resentment toward Reb Saunders.
  • Danny doesn’t know what to say and looks nervous and thin. He admits that he and his father still don’t speak.
  • Nonetheless, they eagerly jump back in to their friendship.
  • Surprisingly, Danny has found he actually prefers experimental psychology to Freudian psychoanalysis, though he knows psychology and psychiatry are broad fields, and he’s not sure yet which aspects he will focus on.
  • But, he will need to get his doctoral degree, and Professor Appleman has suggested Columbia University.
  • Danny plans to tell his father on the day of his "smicha." "‘Smicha’ is the Hebrew term for rabbinic ordination," and Danny’s will occur the following year.
  • That June, Danny sister gets married to the Hasidic man she was promised to.
  • Reuven sees how much the Reb has aged, and he seems perfectly happy to Reuven.
  • In July, when Reuven sees him again, the Reb asks him about his studies and basically acts like everything is normal.
  • This makes Reuven like him even less.