Study Guide

The Chosen Chapter 9

By Chaim Potok

Chapter 9

  • Now, things get pretty busy for Reuven.
  • He goes to school on Sunday, and then Reuven and David go see Dr. Snydman on Monday, getting the all-clear on Reuven’s eye.
  • Father and son nearly weep with relief, and then Reuven goes to school, takes his exams, and totally loves it.
  • He’s so happy to be able to read and write again that taking tests get him high.
  • Reuven and Danny don’t get to hang out, though they talk on the phone a bit – summer is coming, and Danny says he’ll be reading Talmud all summer.
  • On Friday, Reuven finishes his exams and school is out for the semester.
  • He celebrates by calling Billy’s dad to find out if Billy is still blind.
  • Sadly, he is.
  • After the conversation, Reuven chills in the lounge chair in the yard.
  • Reuven sees something out of the corner of his eyes.
  • It’s a fly getting trapped in a spider’s web.
  • Reuven gets up and goes over to the web. He blows on it until the web breaks and the fly goes free, while the spider stalks off to less hostile environments, hopefully.
  • And then, the chapter ends.
  • If you want to know what the-fly-and-the-spider scene is all about, check out Reuven’s "Character Analysis." And here’s a hint: we think this scene has to do with what Danny told Reuven about the ants on the log in A Farewell to Arms.