Study Guide

Mr. Sims in The Circuit

By Francisco Jiménez

Mr. Sims

Mr. Sims is the principle at Main Street School in Santa Maria, and Francisco meets him on his very first day in elementary school. But his role doesn't stop there, because he also helps Roberto find a job when he's in high school. The man just keeps on giving. And while we don't learn much about Mr. Sims, his generosity just doesn't quit. Check this out:

Mr. Sims must have noticed I was shivering because that afternoon, after school, he took me to his office and pulled out a green jacket from a large cardboard box that was full of used clothes and toys. He handed it to me and gestured for me to try it on. (3.21)

When Francisco needs a jacket, Mr. Sims is there to deliver. Did you notice that Francisco doesn't even have to ask Mr. Sims for the jacket? Francisco doesn't say he's cold, either—Mr. S just pays attention, so he notices that Francisco is cold and helps the boy out—just like he does later on when Roberto needs a job. Time and again, Mr. Sims is a much-needed ally for the boys and their family through these acts.